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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Elderly, children, handicapped and so-called able-bodied can train in the open air with specific guided gymnastics.
At the beginning of the path a general planimetry representing the use of the various spaces. It reports health and technical indications on the use of the gymnastic path giving clear ideas to each one to go in the equipped spaces that meet their needs.
The path continues with 9 workstations, equipped and free-bodied, which
They stimulate wheelchair users to achieve conditions of general wellbeing.
The Handicapfit path is the result of a shared design between kinesiologist, Ergoteraptherapist and a wheelchair basketball team. Maximum relevance therefore of the workstations to the needs of the citizens who cannot train in normal equipment contexts.
Continuing on the path the Seniorfit path includes 9 specific positions for the elderly for the needs of daily life, prevention to the symptomatology of senescence and osteoarthritis.
Attention has also been paid to children with the playtraining path, a series of 6 workstations that offers basic motor stimulation and prerequisites for starting the sport practice. Even schools can use the 54 motor variants offered in the park, the teacher who designed the path has complied with the ministerial programs planned for the age group.
A single multi-function compact workstation concludes the motor stimulation of the trail, this time aimed at all other citizens who allow themselves to be gratified by nature and its pure and rich opportunities. The station is called Coachone and provides 14 activities on a single large tool, equipped with supports and ergonomic to exert all sectors and bodily functions.
Nothing’s missing.
To enhance the initiative the difficult choice of arrangement of equipment.
In addition to the respect of physical needs and accessibility, there was attention to the social fallout of the routes. All citizens, along the path, are experiencing the different skills of practicing motor activities.
A practice, as due as it is unusual, of social integration that starts from an aggregating element: the movement in nature, within the reach of all, including subjects with less economic possibilities or with different abilities, none excluded.
The inauguration of the park took place on seven October 2012 with an enlarged event for children and adults of the city. To guide the practical activities in the event the instructor Barla Marco, with the presence of the mayor and representatives of the region in the people of Rosanna Valle and Angela Motta.
The commitment made by all the operators involved in the initiative, has left tangible results over time, with an attitude of good complicity and co-responsibility. Good institutional practice, to fight the clichés on the Mala-local administrative management.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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