Functional and kinesiological analysis:

The tool is designed for a double motor function: it offers all the ergonomic supports to stimulate, on one hand “tone&strength” all muscle groups, on the other hand “decongesting stretching” for all body sectors. The tool is delivered with a booklet containing assembly instructions, recommended exercises and performance notes. 

The product contains: Multi-functional tool consisting of boiler pressure laminated wood structure, 6 uprights with crossbar at the bottom and reinforced platform; 6 reinforced horizontal stainless steel supports and 1 on the top with turned anti-trauma caps. Basic functional dimensions: 300x300xh250. The tool is delivered with 8 zinc-coated steel feet for cementing to the ground, calibrated for wood and prepared for winter dismantling.


Double face, the ambivalent workout. One workstation where on one side you work for muscle tone and strength, on the other side for stretching and decongestion. On both sides, are detailed  six main exercises are detailed with information on the workload and another 6 exercises for any possible extension of the stimulations.

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Realizzazione di cartello aggiuntivo in lingua inglese/tedesco/francese/spagnolo per ogni postazione. Maggiorazione per tutto il percorso o postazione (attrezzato) sul prezzo di listino

Cartelli incisi

Realizzazione dei cartelli con testi ed immagini incisi nello spessore del pannello per massima resistenza agli ultravioletti, intemperie ed atti vandalici. Maggiorazione dell’importo di tutto il percorso ginnico

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